Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stacking Coupons?

                Extreme couponing is now becoming increasingly popular these days, and with many questions on different scenarios there is one that always seems to stick out- What is stacking coupons and how do you do it? Stacking coupons is an advanced couponing technique that not all stores allow you to do. I have made this post to clear up any confusion about stacking coupons at grocery and drug stores.

                Stacking Coupons- What is it?

                Stacking coupons basically is when you have a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon each for the same item that you want to use. As many of you know, you can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. This doesn’t mean you can only use one coupon, but instead you can use one coupon for each of the specified items you buy. Many stores’ coupon policies state that you can stack one store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Store coupons are coupons that the store makes for you to use, but these coupons can only be used at the specified store. Manufacturer coupons are coupons that the manufacturers make for you to use at any store that accepts coupons. In general, stacking coupons is when you use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon on the same item.

                Example of Stacking Coupons

                Let’s say you want to buy Tide laundry detergent and you have coupons for it. You have 1 coupon that is a manufacturer coupon (It says manufacturer coupon on it) and another that is a store coupon (It says store coupon on it). The store coupon you currently have is a Target coupon (for example) and you want to use it at Target. So you head to Target to get a Tide laundry detergent and here is where the stacking comes into play. You can use both coupons on the same item as long as the tiny text on the bottom of the coupons allows you to. So really you are saving twice as much. Please take note that you can’t use two store coupons on one item.

                Does My Store Let You Stack Coupons?

                Many stores including Target allow you to stack coupons together. However, all stores don’t let you do this. For example, Wal-Mart doesn’t let you stack coupons because they don’t have any store coupons to stack. The only way to find out if your store stacks coupons is to look at your stores coupon policy. You can find you stores’ policy by going to their website and printing it out, or going to the store and asking a manager. Make sure you read their policy thoroughly because a lot of times, their guidelines get very specific on stacking.

     So basically, if you have a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item you can use both of them. Stacking can seem difficult, but really once you get the hang of it becomes simple. In conclusion, check your stores coupon policy and see if they allow you to stack coupons. If they do, you’re in luck!


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